Priding ourselves on delivering an impeccable, intelligent, quality solution that goes above and beyond in order to compliment client requirements throughout any activity, event or situation. Allowing our clients the freedom to manage their time stress-free and unaware of the security steps and measures in place supporting them.

JEEVES & Associates understands the importance of discrete, non-intrusive protective measures and seek to provide bespoke security solutions with the minimum amount of fuss and interruption to your home or daily lifestyle and business operations. This is achieved through a careful holistic approach, intelligent, detailed and considerate planning with dynamic and scalable response designs to mitigate potential risks.








"This is based on the simple observation that a Client legitimately expects to stay alive in your presence, being protected from any threat, be it an attack, accident or personal medical emergency"

- Adv Timm Smith, CEO Ronin SA, circa 2001














JEEVES & Associates, Executive Protection Officers are unassuming, diligent, highly trained, qualified professionals with a proven credible employment history. This offers continuity and a seamless high standard of customer service across all disciplines.

We hold the view that a complete Executive Protection Officers should have both tactical and professional pre-hospital medical competencies to honestly fulfil their Client's expectations.



JEEVES & Associates provide professional security chauffeurs with the appropriate understanding and skills needed to meet all the requirements of our discerning clients.  This is delivered through practical chauffeur skills with appropriate protocol and etiquette.

Only Rospa ‘Gold' Advance Driver Chauffeur,  SIA Close Protection, Advance Defensive Driver qualified, minimal FREC3 medical certification and proven credible history get to become a JEEVES Associate.





JEEVES & Associates’ covert surveillance operators are intelligent, flexible, professionals and possess a high level of discretion. Our specialist team use state of the art equipment to carry out extensive surveillance services based on your personal requirements.

Technical Surveillance Counter Measures and cyber security services are also available including site penetration testing and training.



JEEVES & Associates offer a residential service based on individual requirements that will comprehensively ensure the safety and integrity of your residence and estate. 

Our Associates adapt to anticipate your needs and plan accordingly around your routine.

Contact us for more information and to find out how we can protect your family and your home.







With the current threat level from international terrorism for the UK assessed as SUBSTANTIAL, we offer an Armoured Vehicle with security chauffeur service.

The current threat level for Northern Ireland-related terrorism is set separately for Northern Ireland and Great Britain.

In Northern Ireland it is SEVERE and in Great Britain it is SUBSTANTIAL.



– a terrorist attack is highly likely


– an attack is a strong possibility


– an attack is expected imminently







JEEVES & Associates are all highly trained, experienced & qualified professionals


  • Above and Beyond Excellence
  • Whatever the situation, and whatever obstacles are in our way, we are a team that always gets the job done.
  • We adapt to provide intelligent holistic solutions for our discerning clients
  • Spirit; Courage, Determination, Unselfishness, and Cheerfulness in the face of adversity
  • Excellence. Integrity. Self-discipline. Humility


Excellence through professionalism, diligence and dedication in all aspects of our service delivery, from the planning phase to completion. Our objective is to consistently deliver an outstanding service from the outset which is achieved through seamless communication and cooperation with our clients at all times.

Jeeves and Associates preferentially make use of Ronin SA graduates due to their excellent standard of training delivering both UK standards coupled with South African Realism

Personal security and protection services in UK

Personal security and protection services in UK

JEEVES & Associates operates in accordance with all SIA legislative requirements







We offer a truly discreet service for all our clients. Our aim is to allow you to live your life unhindered with the knowledge and peace of mind knowing that you, your family and your home are safe and secure with our bespoke protection services.

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